Geforce 2 GTS - which version of detonator

Hi, I have a Hercules 3D Prophet 2 GTS 32MB display card. I'm just wondering which version of the NVidia Detonators are best suited for this card to provide maximum gaming performance. I have always just installed the newest version as they are released, but I'm sure my card doesnt even use half of the new features.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I recommend using the 29.80 WHQL version. This driver´s primary quality is that it´s VERY stable. It´s also quite fast compared to other new drivers!
  2. It's depends not only from your Geforce 2 GTS
    But also from you motherboard, CPU and OS.
    You must try it yourself.
    Meanwhile Each game likes it's own Detonator.

    My advice - try newest Detonators
    New features will not be turned on :)
    but old features will be better tuned.
  3. After trying everything up to the 14.x versions, I found my best performance with the old 6.31! But I hear the newer ones are better.

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  4. I have that same card (well 64 MB version) and I've tried lots of the (official) detonators and Hercules versions. I'm currently using the official 29.42s, and am happy with them. I get the same performance as the last 28.32s, marginally higher than the older 23.11s, and *lots* better than 21.83. So I'd advise to stick with the latest ones.
  5. Retired my Geforce2. There was a big jump (15%) in performance somewhere around 20.xx or 21.xx drivers. 23.11 was very stable and fast. I thought the official drivers 28.x something or other were slower. Marginal performance gains with the leaked 28.xx, 29.xx but they seemed less stable than the 23.11 drivers. I kept dropping back to he latter. This was with Via KT133A and Windows 98SE. Can't speak for any other hardware combinations (unless you are interested in a Radeon 8500).

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  6. Cheers for all the replies - v helpful indeed. I tried a few tests myself. Under 3DMark 2001 with 23.11drivers i got 3960 marks, 4050 with 29.42's and 4009 with 29.80's. I'ms ticking with the 29.42's. Though I do think its very easy to kinda get up your own a**etrying to get another 3 or 4 marks out of yer video card. At the end of the day, no matter what I throw at the card it runs perfectly well. I think I'll leave well alone, If it aint broke.............

    Cheers again

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