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I started this thread awhile ago, and someone mentioned I could upgrade from W7 beta to the RTM. What are the risks associated? Would I be better off doing a clean install? I don't have an external drive for data back up, is it necessary? I'd like to save money. Whatever method is cheapest, but still secure is preferred.
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  1. Either way you're going to have to buy a copy of W7, so whether you try the upgrade or install from scratch isn't going to be any difference in cost.

    I ran the beta and when the RTM was released I reinstalled from scratch. IMHO that's the least-risk way to do it, as far as getting a stable operating system is concerned.
  2. Using the Beta as anything more that a test drive was always going to be risky. You will have to purchase a legal version of Windows 7 one way or the other.
  3. I know I'll have to buy a legit copy. I'm asking whether or not I should buy Ultimate to make the upgrade easier.
  4. Ultimate is so much more expensive that I cannot recommend it. It doesn't give you any additional features that a home user requires. Get Home Premium, maybe Professional if you want XP mode, and do a clean install.
  5. Hi Brett - Purchasing Ultimate will not make the installation process any easier or harder. To decide what edition is best for you, check out this feature comparison chart -

    You will need to purchase a full retail version (unless you have XP or Vista on your computer, in which case you can purchase an upgrade version) and do a clean installation. If you wish to save anything that you currently have on your computer, you will need to back up to an external hard drive before beginning the installation.

    Hope this helps!
    Microsoft Windows Outreach
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