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right now i have a radeon 64 VIVO in my system, i'm on a tight budget to upgrade since im a dam college student lol, well anyways i was looking into buying a geforce 3 by visiontek for $100 i looked it up at and is selling one for that much and i know its just one video card generation newer than my current card but i cant afford a geforce 4 but do you guys think it would be worth it to spend 100 dollars for a geforce 3 so i get some extra boost in my games and probably next summer upgrade to the top of the line video card? i just wanted some opinions on this matter if it helps i play games from anywhere like jedi knight 2 to neverwinter nights and also looking forward to the star wars online game and im stick of ATI implemented new official drivers with this catalyst that doesnt work yet in 1/2 the games that have came out this summer and makes my system lock up thanks
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  1. Newegg is selling a Radeon 8500LE with 3.3ns memory for $87!

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