Which Video Card Is Best For Me??

GAINWARD GeForce 3 Ti200 128MB Power Pack Golden Sample, (4ns 128MB DDR.) $144.00
GAINWARD GeForce 4 Ti 4200 128MB Power Pack Golden Sample 4200(4ns 128MB DDR.) $174.00

Or any other suggestions. I am building this computer for my family but my brother is getting close to hs and is into gaming so I need something that will play all of the newest games well and not be the part that is holding my system back but I don't need the top of the line card. I was wondering if you would see that big of a difference between GF3 and GF4 for that much money which would you take or if you have a better idea then please fill me in. Thanks in advance everyone!!
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  1. Geforce4 ti 4200
  2. The Geforce 4 ti 4200 is the better card. Particularly if you get the 128 meg version. Whikle the 64 meg version is faster, it actually doesnt perform as well in the long run and will suffer a performance hit because it physically lacks the amount of ram.

    Whether Gainward is the best really remains to be seen. I personally would go with an Asus Geforce 4 V8420 Deluxe. The Asus deluxe has faster ram which actually equates to about ti 4400 speeds ;)

    You also might want to consider the brand of motherboard you have and also the overall package you choose to buy some cards come with games you might find boring. Or they might lack a connector you might want.

    If its not broke dont fix it.
  3. Thanks for all of the input..would you reccomend a different brand than Gainward? I have to build the entire computer for right around 1k. If I post the list of what I was thinking of putting in here would people tell me what they think of the specs? Thanks!!
  4. LeadTek seems pretty good as does ASUS. Just a thought. The LeadTek overclocks pretty well. Most reviews have gotten it to at least 310/600.

    :lol: Finally, I get a capitalized title!! WOOT!! :lol:
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