change GF3 for GF4

I have sent back my GF3Ti200 and temporarily reinstalled my old SIS card ( without hardware accelerator ).
Today I received my new GF4Ti4200-128 and I am about to install this.

Before doing this I wonder :
should I deinstall and reinstall the NVdia Detonator driver which I did install for the GF3 ?
If so, should I use the Detonator destroyer ?
Where on my HDD are the NVdia drivers located ?

I also had installed the VIA 4 in 1 drivers for the VIA chipsets.
No need to reinstall these ones ? ( have nothing to do with the GF4card ? ).

I'm anxiously awaiting your help before installing my GF4...
Thanks alot.

Peter, Amsterdam, Holland.
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  1. You really should have uninstalled the Detonators before you put the SIS card back. It shouldn't cause too many problems though... personally I'd remove the Detonators before putting the new one in, then install the newest Detonators for the GF4. I wouldn't bother with Detonator Destroyer, and you shouldn't need to change the 4-in-1s either.

    The drivers themselves will be located inside your Windows folder, don't go deleting them manually. You should be able to remove the Nvidia software from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.
  2. I'll do as you say.
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