Point Of View Ti4200

Soon I will get some money back because I´ve been paying
to much taxes (believe it or not).
This is not a good thing as I am allergic to money and need to spend
them as quickly as possible or else I will suffer from severe boredom.
Neither can I put them in a bank because just the thought of leaving
my money causees me to shake wildly and my mouth starts to foam.
So basically I have to spend them myself as quickly as possible.

Anyway, enought of nonsens for now and on to more "important" stuff...
I´ve set my eyes on a "Point Of View Geforce4Ti4200 with 64mb 3.3ns rated
memory" for around $200.
Now to my question, is there anyone here that has some experience with this card?
I´ve seen a couple of reviews of it and it got nice benchmark results, the OC part
were not that good though and it would be nice to hear from you guys if you´ve
managed to OC it to the skies or not.

Thanks dudes.

<font color=red>Russ Gabriel</font color=red>
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  1. The Ti 4200 scores better on every bench test Ive ever seen than a Geforce 3 ti 500. Its fast its good and its alot cheaper than the to 4600.

    In my opinion this is THE card to have.
    Yes the 64 meg versions are cheaper than their 128 meg cousins. Yes they have higher clock speeds. (for the most part)

    And yes they WILL take a performance hit when used in tougher applications. They are faster than the 128 meg version to a certain point. After that point though they get smoked like cheap cigars by the 128 meg versions.

    The Asus V8420 DELUXE uses 3.3 nanosecond ram. Thats the same ram used in the ti4400 if Im not mistaken. Note that this card is a Deluxe version. Its got everything that nVidia recommendd to come with the board. There is no skimping on hardware.

    Its alos the fastest ti 4200 Ive ever seen.

    If its not broke dont fix it.
  2. Ok, thanks for input :smile:
    But I still need some input from someone who actually has this card, I am
    curious about the "quality" of the card and such things.

    Btw, I see you bought Techie´s sig (almost) :wink:

    <font color=blue>Blue</font color=blue>
  3. Anytime Jake. Dont know about Techies sig. Never seen it before.

    If you want input from people who actually have this card go here http://www.pchardwareforum.com/index.php?s= and become a member. There are quite a few people there who have ti 4200s and several who have the ti 4600 and wish they would have waited for the ti 4200 to come out.

    Ive read about 939762835029348239 reviews on this card, covering every manufacturer authorised to make them. Next week I am buying the Asus V8420 Deluxe. Its the best one Ive seen and I dont think they'll get any better. Do you use MSN?

    If its not broke dont fix it.
  4. I´ve also read a few reviews of the Ti4200 of various
    brands but I am interested in this brand specifically.
    I´ve only found like 1 review of it and I thought it could´nt hurt
    to hear what some THGC users had to say about it.

    "Point Of View" isn´t a widespread brand (as far as I know), only
    a few countries in Europe markets it and it is priced
    very aggresively when compared to other manufacturers.

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  5. Ive seen a couple reviews on the Point Of View card. It got good marks but I have one problem. When I spend $200 on a part, I want to be confident Im not going to have any problems with it. Thats why I would buy Asus Winfast or Leadtek FIRST. This is one of the rare cases where I would buy a name brand just for the name--- peace of mind.

    If you want to chat Im on MSN earthdog_65@hotmail.com

    If its not broke dont fix it.
  6. Yeah I know what you mean.
    Leadtek and Asus make good cards, however I´m not sure I can use em´
    in my mobo.
    It´s an Epox 8KHA+ and one of the capacitators is in the way for the heatsink
    of the graphicscard, I know it is for the Leadtek anyway.

    The reason I am looking at the POV card is that it is cheap and I know that there
    wont be any problem fitting it to the mobo, ASUS usually
    tag their cards a little higher and I don´t have that much money to spend sadly.

    <font color=blue>Blue</font color=blue>
  7. Ah I see. You could also look into a Gainward card. From what Ive seen they have a couple versions. One is a little longer and another is shorter but taller.

    If its not broke dont fix it.
  8. How about the MSI MS-8870? It rated higher than the Asus or Leadtek in a "Toms" article. No heatsink on the mem though. It's about $145 on pricewatch.com
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