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I'm sorry if this post doesn't really belong in this section but I could not find a more relevant category for my post. I figured writing could be considered one of the arts. Well anyways, I started a blog yesterday and was looking for some people who have experience with blogs. I started my blog mainly to improve my writing. My writing isn't the best but I thought it would be interesting to have a place to write while expressing my opinions and thoughts on different things. While looking around my blogger page, I noticed that they give you the option of monetizing your blog with google adsense. I'm curious as to how much I could make by putting ads up on my blog. I'm not looking to make a living or anything off of this but even like $10 a month would seem pretty cool to me. I plan on writing about many different topics and hobbies (everything from music, movies, technology, politics, current events, philosophy, personal experiences etc). I know making money off of a blog can be difficult but i'm mainly doing it for the writing.
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  1. No offense, but you idiot...
  2. I approve muchly, Badge.
  3. You can make kazillions in advertising but as an exmarketing manager currently undergoing therapy and part of a close support group of exsales and exmarketing people who have survived the job I am bound by a duty of care to you not to tell you how ... it will ruin your life.

    Life is short ... live it ... don't blog it.

    One of the toughest things to deal with in life is the gradual acceptance that little you do will ever amount to much, that nobody really loves you like you do, and that all of the money and possessions in the world won't make you feel any better ... oh ... and everyone dies alone.

    On that basis get out there and have some fun ... but not at anyone else's expense.

    Freedom and responsibility.

  4. Please post the cheque for the 2 minute therapy session to Tom.
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