g4 4200 ti vs ati radeon 8500le

Hi, I'm debating on wether to buy a gforce 4 ti 4200 64mb or a ati radeon 8500le 128mb. which one should i buy performance wise, price doesn't matter.
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  1. The4200 will own ANY 8500. especially the le which is clocked lower(than a standard 8500).

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  2. the 128mb Le performs on par with the 64mb retail 8500 with current benchmark, and yes, Ti4200 beats the 8500 but only just.
  3. I have faith that the new drivers should allow the Radeon 8500LE to match the Ti4200 in most gaems.

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  4. So do I, the last several beta releases have given almost 10% boosts to OpenGL performance in a few specific games. Others are only a 1% increase so don't get your hopes up.

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