Win98 and Ati Radeon 9700

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  1. Hi 10G

    Thanks for that short answer! Wondering if you could educate me a bit more about Catalyst driver? What is the defference?
  2. Bascially a unified driver database just like nVidia's Detonators. Bascially a new name for a new generation of ATi drivers. I personally find they're quite a bit better than the previous drivers. The driver team also seems to work together now :tongue: .

    :lol: Finally, I get a capitalized title!! WOOT!! :lol:
  3. Windows 98 and Windows ME share the exact same driver structure, so use the same basic drivers.

    Personaly, I'd advise moving away from 98. Microsoft is finaly begining to ignore it, so it should begin to go the way of 95 soon (Hard to support, and software issues).

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