Antialiasing in LCD monitors?

I have an HP L1520 LCD monitor and I'd like to know if LCD monitors use Antialiasing? stupid question? I just noticed the jaggies on some FPS games I play like when a table is viewed from an angle where it's edges are slanting you'd clearly see the jaggies...I'm also wondering if the LCD monitor's perfect geometry has something to do about it...I mean LCD monitors have the exact number of pixels physically...

anyway once I dload the 2.2 drivers and the ATI control panel I'll put my card to the rest and max all the AA and anis settings...hehe
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  1. Of course. Any display device will suffer from edge aliasing. The effects are lessed when colors are rendered non-symmetrically, which your TV does. But nonetheless computer monitors are accurate enough that no matter what technique you use for your display you will notice something.

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