Ti4600 running slow and funky

I just put together 2 new pcs, one has a Leadtek gf4 ti4600, the other a gainward ti4200. The 4200 pc is running great but im having problems with the pc4600 pc. I tried the leadtek winfox drivers and newest detonator drivers, and the detonators seem to be more stable.

3dmark 2001 will run sometimes, but even when it does it runs at a slower fps than my 4200 pc and always spontaneously quits after a few tests. Other times, the program wont run at all, saying i need a directx 7 compatible card! Yes, directx 8.1 is installed.

I also tested the same quake3 demo between the 2 computers with the same settings:
ti4200 pc: 177 fps
ti4600 pc: 119 fps
GRR :(

I've reformatted the 4600 pc twice, reinstalled via 4in1 drivers many times, directx 8.1, newest detonator drivers, leadtek drivers.

What could be making it run so slow???

heres my specs:
Abit KX7-333
AMD XP 2100+
Leadtek GF4 ti4600
768 MB crucial ddr 2100
80 gb ibm 7200
santa cruz sound card
plextor 40x burner
16x dvd rom
enermax 300w power

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  1. I would check your AGP aperture size settings in BIOS. Make sure it's set to at least 128MB.

    Then check your Ti4600's core/memory clock. Make sure it's actually set high enough.

    Maybe check your system memory settings in BIOS, but probably not a big difference.

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  2. I've always heard that a lot of agp aperture size isn't important with large amounts of video memory. Anyway its on 64mb. The other suggestions didn't work either. :(

    Sandra benchmarks show all the other parts of my pc to be running up to standards.
    thanks for the help

    Darbish Fish, Mmmmm Floppy!
  3. Someone on a different forum suggested that my 300w power supply is too low and could be causing the problem.

    I'm just wondering if it makes sense that the system would boot up fine, but the power supply still be the cause of the slow video card.

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  4. I think 300w PSU should be good enough for the system and PSU will only cause stability problem not slower performance.
  5. It seems that you've got a faulty card
  6. Quote:
    I've always heard that a lot of agp aperture size isn't important with large amounts of video memory. Anyway its on 64mb. The other suggestions didn't work either. :(

    It should be set to 128 or more(half system ram usually).

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  7. OK it wasn't the power supply, a new one didn't fix it.
    So, I will try the other video card next. If that doesn't solve the problem, what else could it be?

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  8. maybe ur board is not fully compatible or support the geforce 4 ti card...
    and try not to install via 4 in 1 service pack..cause it sux..

    Regards ,
  9. Which version of Windows are your running?

    If you happen to be running Windows 98 you can have trouble with more than 512 MB of memory. Easily fixed with <A HREF="http://www.outertech.com/products.php?PHPSESSID=c0296a93a4fe255689f9be53af5e5820" target="_new">Cacheman 5</A>

    If you are having trouble with 4-in-1 drivers. I find it is best to uninstall the old ones before reinstalling. You can use the same installer to uninstall old version. Just click on the uninstall option for each of the components.

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