will asus v8200 gforce3 run on 845G

I'm not sure if the asus v8200 will run on the intel 845g chip set, it needs to support the 1.5v agp slot and i cant find if it does anywhere.

Do all agp 4X run at 1.5v or do some run at 3.3v? i'm confused i dont want to stick my video card in and fry my mother board or video card or both.
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  1. Asus v8200 will run on the Intel 845G chipset if the motherboard has a AGP slot.

    All i845G motherboards have 4X AGP slots.

    All AGP 4X cards run at 1.5V . Most motherboard's AGP 4X slots take 3.3V AGP 2X cards with 1.5V 4X cards, too. Some motherboard's APG 4X slot don't take 3.3V 2X AGP cards. They only take 1.5V AGP 4X card. But their is no doubt that, all 4X AGP slots take 1.5V AGP 4X cars. So don't worry with your 4X GeForce3 card. It will not damage the motherboard, nor the graphics card.
  2. Thanks i kinda thought as long as the card is AGP4x compatible it shouldn't be a problem but i didn't want to fry anything. I cut and paste this from an old post on this forum:

    Does anyone know what the heck is going on with the intel 845 chipset and the warning about "not supporting certain legacy 3.3Volt agp cards"

    I have seen posts that range from:
    a) no problem if your card is AGP4X then it's 1.5 Volt
    b) if your card is not compatible it won't fit the new slot
    c) check some obscure voltage pin on your board
    d) there is no way to tell and if you put some older cards in a new slot you will destroy your motherboard.

    so what is the right info?
    is there any kind of list of "known good/bad cards"
    will an older card fry a system?
    seems like a REALY BAD hardware design if that is true!!!!!

    i found this link on A-BIT's site about it, apparently there are some cards with the slot that will let a non-compatible card fit into the 1.5v only slot.

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