Needs to UNinstall and REinstall Internet Explorer

Is there a quick and relaible way to uninstall and then reinstall Internet Explorer XP 6.0 from WIN XP Pro that does not take 2 days and an engineering degree?

Thank you.
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  1. Add/remove programs -> add/remove windows components

    You'll find it there. Just uncheck it to remove.
  2. That removes Internent Explorer icon from my desktop and from the start up. Explorer is still there and launches when I click on the link to your answer. That component now shows as unchekced and 0 mb. When Internet Explorer launches and I login to Tomshardware explorer IKMEDIATELY logs me out as well. Thanks anyways. I want explorer completely OFFF my hd and maybe this is not possible.
  3. Try removing using add/remove in the control panel. Then launch windows explorer and find any remnants in program files and manually delete them. If you're happy, and you've installed another browser, go to MS or another download site and reload IE6.0 - but you'll need to run windows updates again for security patches/fixes.

    You will need another browser to find/download IE.

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  4. Truthfully there is no actual way to deinstall IE, you remove the icon and pretent it's gone (that was what the original MS cases monopoly cases back in 98 was all about) The best way to "reinstall" IE is to download the latest service packs from MS (brace yourself as they are not small if you use dialup) however that should fix most problems with IE that would encourage you to want to reinstall... Also unless you have deleted IE files there are quite a few places where you can reset back to default settings, these are not always the ideal settings but it does give a clean slate to start off with... PS also do a virus scan if IE is playing up, there are many a virus out there that can cause IE to do the unexpected...
  5. The infection persists despite three runs of NAV with current definitions. Multiple runs of AD-AWARE and SPYBOT SEARCH no longer reveal the presence of any spy software. Mozilla has been designated as the default browser and now has been seized by the invader and shows (2) search bot home pages, multiple adult content bookmarks, and is spontaneously launched to adult content sites. This indicates that the default browser has been commandeered by the infection, which resides as code in the Windows registry and other system files. Unless a complete identification of the locations is effected, the invading virus/worm shall continue to control the browser and bookmarks.
  6. I suggest you try using the <A HREF="" target="_new">Trend Micro Sysclean Package</A>, with the latest <A HREF="" target="_new">pattern file</A>. You may need to do multiple runs of the program, while in Safe Mode.

    I've used this to remove trojans from infected systems that could not be deleted in any other fashion, due to corrupted virus definition files and Registry keys. However, expect for the program to run overnight for each instance ... it is not quick. Also check for any unusual entries loading at startup, using <A HREF=";;q310560&ID=KB;;q310560" target="_new">MSCONFIG</A> at the Start/Run line. If it becomes necessary to disable any entries, to keep the computer from running each time as a Selective Startup, I can send you a small VBS script file (2 KB) by e-mail that will remove the disabled entries, and allow a normal startup again.


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  7. Thank you. I shall deploy this tonight on my rig when I return home. I am baffled and idea deficient at this point and now know that the infection resides within windows code or dll's or any modification of windows content. Tried MSCONFIG a few days ago and noticed nothing unusual at STARTUP. Any browser I designate as DEFAULT is captured by the worm, in the fashion described by my posts here. The MS Knowledge Base solutions have NOT prevailed so the worm fragments must have wider distribution and be less recognizable than even MS suspected. I'll let you know the outcome of SYSCLEAN. Again, I am grateful for your help.
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