ATI Radeon 8500 seems to run faster than G4 Ti4200

is this possible?

The Triplex Millenium Silver G4 Ti4200 64 MB w/ 3.3 ns that I just picked up doesn't run a smoothly as my Built by ATI Radeon 8500 64MB in apps like SoF2 and Jedi Knight 2.

I've even clocked the g4 to 275Mhz to be equivalent to the ATI but the screen still jolts when looking around.

I've unistalled all of the old ATI drivers also. Even turning off all of the antialiasing options and such doesn't help.

Can anyone offer a suggestion as to why this may be happening?
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  1. The R8500 is faster than the Ti4200 in Jedi Knight 2 and quite possibly SoF2 because it's a Q3-engine based game, but the Ti4200 should still be able to run either game smoothly. Make sure VSync is on.

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  2. vsync on? Turn it off for a better framerate unless you've got strange artifacts.

    At least thats my take on the vsync deal, i leave it forced always off in the drivers and i've never had an issue.

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  3. Turning off V-sync will cause jerky motion in some cases.

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  4. i play all my games with v sync on it makes them smoother cause the video card is rendering images at the same speed as the monitor refreshes when vsync is off the image can seem to stutter cause the monitor has to skip frames to catch up with the video card
  5. Thanks AMD_Man, you seem to help a lot of people out.

    The Vsync is on by default for both OpenGL and Direct 3d. Any other suggestions? Could it be the card? It seems like a good card though less known around the globe than others. The fsaa is turned off, though the card should support it, no? Am I mistaken to believe that a 3.3ns Ti4200 clocked to a Ti4400 could handle full graphic settings for both these games? Am also running a P4 1.8a w/ 266MHz sometimes clocking it to 2.4 333Mhz.

    anyway, i still have both cards and was wondering if someone could help me decide which to keep and which to sell. Should I have more faith in my Geforce4?
  6. well on all the benchmarks (Jedi Knight II included) the Gf4 Ti4200 beats the Radeon it's strange you're getting jerkiness....I plan on getting my GF4 Ti4200 up to 4400 or even 4600 levels - when it arrives I'll let you know how it performs.

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  7. Add to the other pro-vsync posts:

    I'd say keep it forced on. There's not much reason not to unless you want absolutely the best framerates (reviewers would need to do this). Otherwise you take a risk of there being too many frames for your monitor to handle and getting jerky rendering.

    V-sync is a feature, not a holdback. It was invented to stop the jittering that occurs when your graphics card occasionally spits out more frames than your monitor can handle.

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  8. It's the other way around. Jedi Knight 2 and Serious Sam on the highest quality run fastest on the R8500. All the other applications and games are faster on the Ti4200, except for 3dmark, which isn't a game anyway.

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  9. Not according to the reviews I have read.

    The 4200 is faster than the 8500, and given he overclocked his 4200 and still experiences jerkiness leads me to believe the problem lies elsewhere.

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