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GTA3 best of the best but kills

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August 8, 2002 12:10:19 AM

I got Winfast Leadtek A170 DDR(64Mb DDR + Geforce4MX440 chip), AMD 1800+, 256Mb DDRRAM but i can pla GTA3 only with a middle draw distance in 800x600 resolution. When i turn it to 1024x768 it seems that FPS falls about 20. Should i buy a new graphics card.

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August 8, 2002 12:13:05 AM

ah!You already bought that card newly. So don't buy a new one.It's OK for now.. If you wanna absolutley buy a new card than wait a few weeks and buy R9500.That's the ony solution!

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August 8, 2002 8:56:03 AM

not really, even a GF4ti4600 & a 2Ghz+ CPU would have problems running this game... when the words 'balanced engine' or the phrase 'not a resource hog that even top-spec machine have problems with' were invented it should have included the phrase

*not to be used in conjunction with GTA3*

(I cant get above 5 notches on detail b4 I get major slowdown... go to the website, there are downloads that may help (there is one which will remove the newspapers blowing about, this would help all machines)

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August 8, 2002 1:41:32 PM

DO NOT judge your rig by that my opinion its all screwed up....
check out the thread in the " Games " section....
August 8, 2002 9:29:57 PM

It might be your GF4 MX. GTA III requires DX8, thought not really useful, however the crappy MX must be lowering its performance. My Ti200 on the XP1600 does not have a single frame drop! Try with a GF3 card to see.

I don't know about Ti4600 not being enough, but I can run at 1024*768 smoothly. It's just the game's rotating view that sounds laggy but in fact just lacks frames.

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August 8, 2002 11:07:41 PM

i've got a t-bird 1.4ghz and a gf2 mx400 and i play gta3 at 800x600 with full detail and the graphics are really smooth, i also play rtcw, max payne, jedi knight2...... and they all work really nicely on quite high detail settings (generally 1024x768 at highest detail), i just keep everything running really efficiently, i wont upgrade until i can get a reasonably priced directx 9 card.
August 9, 2002 7:43:21 AM

What OS are you using? Is it something running in the background during your game play? It shouldn't be so bad.
August 9, 2002 12:09:44 PM

you lucky so & so... my spec is similar
1.2Ghz ocd to 1.4Ghz, 256DDR & a Kyro2 64mb (I would say my limitation is the gfx even though generally it should B on par with ur system... am getting a ti4200 or 8500LE hopefully this month depending on prices and bug fixes available...)

one question, 98se or XP ???

There are no stupid questions... just lots of inquisitive idiots...
August 9, 2002 9:18:06 PM

xp probut i got 512mb of ddr