Pentium4 worth upgrading to Win7?

In my office we are upgrading most of the computers to Windows 7, a couple are not worth it since they will be replaced within the coming year anyway.
One remains in question though,

P4 @1.8 ghz
2 gb Ram

It mostly just uses microsoft office.
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  1. Win7 will run pretty well on that computer. I have installed Win7 on similar hardware spec laptops (1.86 Mobile Pentium, 1gig RAM) and have had no slowness issues with the systems compared to XP.
  2. Hi jbourne84,

    The choice is really only one you can make. I'd say if you are planning on replacing the PC in the near future (like others in the office), waiting may be the way to go. If you are planning on holding on to the computer, upgrading is the way to go. Before upgrading it is a good idea to run the Upgrade Advisor to be sure the computer is equipped to run Windows 7.

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  3. From my experience and info on Windows 7, it wont be fully worth it. Windows 7 was designed around newer hardware and works best with multicore processors and larger amounts of RAM (SuperFetch).

    Not saying it would run bad, but to get the most out of Windows 7, a newer PC would be preferable.

    For that old of hardware its better to stay with XP which was designed more with fast single core CPUs in mind.
  4. In my honest opinion a 1.8GHZ processor wouldn't make the cut. The 2 gigs of ram however, would. I'm also assuming the GPU is older than sin so the driver support is probably non existent for Windows 7. I would stick with XP if has been tested and proven to work with the hardware that you have.
  5. well in that case, what would you think about a Pentium D @ 3ghz & 2gb Ram... still a single core, but speedy. again its only running MS Office
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