i got a leadtek geforce 4 ti4600 2 days ago and it has been giving nothing but bad performance, i having been getting 20fps in medal of honor, 40 fps in unreal tournament and 100fps in quake all at low 800x600 resolutions, can anybody please help me or tell me what i am missing. my system specs are: athlon 1700+, ga-tvtxe+ mobo, 256ddr geforce 4ti 4600, seagate 40gb 7200rpm, 19' viewmaster. help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Have you completely uninstalled the drivers of the old card and completely removed all traces of the card from Device Manager? and removed all folders containing drivers from your hard drive? That seems to be the most common cause for this type of problem > Also The latest drivers are up to version 30.82 I believe and you can get them at

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  2. reinstall directx 8.1, reinstall all driver inc mobo driver.. check if your AGP aparture is set 2 at least 64mb in bios, also check if your AGP is set to 4x, do some driver tweak... ie, disable Vsync... etc
  3. Why didnt I think of all that??? i reckon thats what happens when one has Spagetti on the brain :P It was good though :D

    Check and make sure (besides all the AGP 4x stuff) that your graphcis aperture is 128 and you do NOT have fast writes ENABLED. Also DISABLE Video Shadowing and anything else like that.

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  4. ive set the grafix aperature to 128mb etc, i have formated and installed everything new with all the new drivers. do i have a faulty card or something? is it because i dont have enough ram? ive done everything you have sugested and i dont know what else to do. A friend said that leadtek is a crappy brand and i said yea whatever and he said they have bad performance, i said to him that its a ti4600 it shouldnt matter what brand.
  5. Bad RAM is likely to cause some instability but is less likely to affect your 3D performance. And you should be getting much better results from that system, even with 256MB of RAM (which is fairly respectable anyway).

    Have you benchmarked other aspects of your system to help identify any bottlenecks? It might not be your graphics card.

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  6. Possibilities to check:

    CPU/GPU high temp.
    Bad/weak PSU
    Bad DRAM
    IRQ conflict (forgot to mention)
    Card not completely seated in AGP slot
    Incorrect BIOS/BIOS settings
    Incorrect video card/monitor settings
    Latest version of Direct xX not installed
    Improper uninstall of old video drivers
    Incorrect video drives for card
    M/B drivers not installed (4-in-1)
    Damaged/malfunctioning card

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  7. i looked at the cards settings it says 300/648 isnt it meant to be 650? could it be faulty from that or what?
  8. Try reloading the AMD chipset drivers. Don't load VIA 4-in-1 drivers.

    If using Win2K/XP load the updated AGP driver as well.

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  9. Have you check you IRQs, or tried taking out your PCI cards and see it that help.

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  10. whats a weak psu and bad dram? you mean ddr ram?
  11. weak psu = power supply unit that hasn't got enough power to run all your cards and peripherals. Should be 350 minimum, 400 preferable. Though I don't think that is your problem.


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