Best graphics card for 3D Studio Max

I'm thinking of buying a new graphics card and i want to know which one would let me get the most out of 3D Studio Max 3/4, I was looking at the geforce4 TI 4400/4600 128mb or the new matrox 128mb card, can anyone help?

Also would you recommend an intel p4 or athlon processor?

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  1. 1 Do you really need all this power
    2 Get a Athlon if you will only do 3D studio max if not buy a P4
    3 Nvidia opengl driver are better that the 1 from ati so yes get a geforce4.
    4 If you have respond yes to the 1 question you may to buy a Fire openGL 8800 low cost high performance

    The day i meet a goth queen that tell me Intel suck.I turn in a lemming to fill is need in hardware.
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