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at the moment i have a gf2 mx400 and a 17 inch crt monitor, but i am going to replace the gf2 with a dual output (most cards seem to be dual now) directx 9 card, and buy a dvi 17 inch tft flat screen, my qestion is can i have the two monitors (tft on the dvi and crt on the analogue output)working together on different resolutions and refresh rates? (e.g. my crt's optimum reolution is 1024x768 and the flat screen will be 1280x1024), also what does the secondary monitor do when i play games like max payne or rtcw? is it just blank?

thanks for any help.
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  1. hey buddy.. sorry noone's answered. but i think you can have different display resolutions. Also, the one reason i set up dual monitors was so that i could play a game on one screen and use aim in the other.. however, if the game is in full screen mode, the other monitor will just display whats on the one you're looking at. you can play a game on one and do something on the other only if the game is in windowed mode.

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