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I'm new to this forum message. I have searched and sent different messages to different forum messages on the internet about the upgrading of video card. You will see my computer specifications that I have now here below:

IBM Aptiva 2158-270, AMD K6 400MHz(512KB), 64MB, 8GB HDD IDE, PCI/ISA Microtower(3x4), ATI Rage Pro 2X AGP, 32X CD-ROM, 56K modem, Windows 98

I have upgraded the memory ram to 192MB and eventually will get a total of 256MB memory ram and the hard drive too. Because I am running out of space with the hard drive. Ok about the video I need your opinion or suggestion about which card should I upgrade to?? I was thinking about getting an NVIDIA MX200 64MB video card but not sure if that will work with this computer. Also do I have to have the 2X slot on graphic card or doesn't matter with 2X or 4X slot?? If you think that I could get a better video card with different brand or name -- please feel free to tell me. I just want to have the video card to work with this computer. Eventually will buy the new computer but not for a while.


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  1. How much are you willing to pay?

    Get an ATI Radeon 8500LE with 64 MB memory for $87.00 USD at Its a great card and it should be more than enough for whatever you are going to use it for. It should be backward compatable with the AGP 2X. The Geforce will also be a great choice. It's probably cheaper too.

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  2. If I’m not wrong, your board does not have an AGP slot and your AGP should run in your PCI slot. I don’t think Radeon 8500LE is a PCI graphic card. I think, the highest GeForce that available for PCI seems to be 32MB GeForce2 MX400. If the price difference for MX200 and MX400 is not so much, I’d suggest that you get MX400. This is because MX200 is only a little better than TNT2. These cards will probably run at 2X mode cos your mobo can only support them at 2X (Correct me if I’m wrong). If you have extra cash, I’d think getting a whole new PC is better than upgrading the PCI graphic card cos I heard many people have some problem with their PCI graphic cards.
  3. what are you going to use your graphics card for? games? simple word processing and web surfing? you computer is kinda dated, so dont bother putting anything high end because u will just waste your money and it wont give its full performance. make sure if its AGP or PCI, but if you say you have AGP, then it is, just make sure thought. As for the cards, get either the geforce2 mx440 64mb or the radeon 7500 64mb. anything more will be a waste of money.
    for the hdd, i would recommend a Western Digital Special Edition 8mb in many flavors. 40gb, 80gb, etc etc etc

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