"Empty" music files... is WinXP deleting my music?

This is a weird problem. I rip all my CDs as 192kbit .wma files, and they work absolutely fine... except that every so often, I'll come across a blank track. The file is still there, as large as ever, and plays without complaint, but there is no actual music on it; the player is silent and the waveform is flat.

It tends to happen to the last track on enhanced CDs, so at first I thought it was just WMP failing to cope properly with them. But once or twice, I've noticed whole albums "blanked" as well.

Does anybody have the slightest clue what's happening here, and more importantly, how to stop it?

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  1. Check your mixer whether you've properly selected the wave out or is it muted...

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  2. That's not the problem. It's not all music files, it's just a small, seemingly random selection.
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