Whats a good 3dmark 2001 score for my system?

I recently built a new pc and ran 3d mark 2001.

My system specs:
512 ddr333
soltek sl-75drv5
athlon xp1700
ati radeon 8500(le?) clocked at 250/275

My scores came out to be in the 7700s.

Overclocked specs:
147 fsb(1900+)= 7809
152 fsb(2000+)=7870

My friend has a xp1900 with 512 ddr266 on a ecs k7s5a and a Real radeon 8500 and he said his scores was in the lower 8000s.

Can someone tell me if there is something wrong with my system?
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  1. I'd expect a little more from a system that like that. Maybe you should tighten the settings on your RAM. I found myself gaining 800 to 1000 3DMarks(2001SE) after having my Crucial PC2100 under the tightest possible settings. You could OC that card quite easily (<A HREF="http://www.rage3d.com" target="_new">http://www.rage3d.com</A>), and check for the latest drivers too. I'm sure you could squeeze another 800 3Dmarks out of your system.
  2. make sure what radeon U have and what radeon ur friends has. also, if u say ur card is RADEON 8500 LE 128 MB, ur card can run reliably at 280/280 (or at least i can). Make sure what kinds of cards u and ur friend owns because i hve seen many benchmarks and TOMS VGA CHARTS and it seems that the radeon 8500 with 64mb performs better for some reason...i do expect a little more from ur computer , but i dont think u can raise the mark more than 800 even if u do expert tweaking, sometimes its just luck on how ur components perform. also, 3dmark not always give the same number of marks. i benchmarked my system, and 10 minutes later i did it again and i got a different score (+ or - 100 marks) so that also has a little to do with ur score.

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