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3DMark Seems Terrible

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August 16, 2002 9:06:05 PM

Just purchased a new system and ran 3Dmark. The score seems HORRIBLE.

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August 16, 2002 9:43:37 PM

i see you're using the older driver.

try downloading and using the new drivers version 30.82

anyway you should be getting a better score.
I have the same mobo and processor except i got 256 mb RAM and a ti4400 and got 9700 score with the new drivers. with the drivers that came with the card i got about 9620something.

btw don't worry, your FSB is still 400, not 100 as the 3dmarks says , i get the same thing :) 
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August 16, 2002 11:05:46 PM

to asadaa: 100mhz is correct. I dont think 3dMark recognizes that its running quad. so its actually 100x4.
to my poor man ignatu: check that u have the latest drivers for the graphics card, etc... as pthsspok said, check why its displayin NA under AGP rates. i dont know, but there is someting about some NVIDIA cards that makes them do awfully bad in the vertex shader test. framarti ( had also the same problem (he had like 9.7 in vertex shader) I would also check win xp's configurations about performance and computer resource usage. it could give u a little boost there. where did u buy ur graphics card. maybe u got a underclocked or defective graphics card...maybe...whats the speed in which ur gpu is running at(core/memory)? also check how many MHZ the AGP port is running at. maybe its slower than it has to be. good luck

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August 17, 2002 1:30:10 AM

Installed the latest driver, and the Intel Chipset, which said my operating system already supported it.

How do I check the port speed of an AGP port?

How do I check the memory setting?

AGP cannot be selected in the card settings.
August 17, 2002 2:04:37 AM

1) Click in "mainboard information" in sisoft sandra, scroll down where it says AGP BUS, it should be around there.
2)Use power strip to check the speed of you GPU's core/memory
3)What do u mean "agp cannot be selected in the card settings"?

real philosophy of life: "do onto others what you dont want them do onto you"