Bypass password on XP login screen?

A friend of mine bought a used laptop with Windows XP already installed. However, he forgot to tell the previous owner to disable the password. So he can only go as far as the login screen. I was wondering if there was anyway to bypass this without having to reinstall or buy a new OS. Please advise. (And yes its really my friend who screwed up not me lol). Thanks.
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  1. your screwed cs game server -
  2. Check this out <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    There are several options. I havent tested any of them. Let me know if it works.

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  3. thanks lol
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  5. Well if your friend didn't want to by a new OS then download linux to a flash drive and boot up off it. once on the computer, add linux to the autostart menu, called startup under all programs in the start menu. Or you could just put the flash drive in every time... advice welcome for this method as Im not sure it would be permanent....
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  7. ophcrack is the tool that you need.

    Download the live cd .iso file here:

    burn to a blank cd using nero, power iso or whatever;

    boot the computer that you want to crack from the CD; allow opcrack to load;

    you will be presented with a desktop like environment with a window in the middle. ophcrack will run automatically, attempting to crack all passwords on the host computer.

    once cracked, the passwords will be shown in the table in plain text. make a note of these password, reboot the computer, remove the ophcrack cd from the drive, and enter the password to log into windows when prompted.

    Hope this helps.
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