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Im looking at more of a desktop replacement notebook, as i probably wont be very mobile with it. ive been looking at the dell 9100, 8600, and the compaq R3000T models.

ive seen on that there seem to be many complaints about the poor quality of dell notebooks. and according to one post in this forum, dell and compaq notebooks are made by the same people. so, is there any information about whether dell or compaq would be a better choice? (i dont think my dad wants me to get one of those "Pro Star-type" notbooks.

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  1. I heard Dell customer assistance has went down this year. What do you plan on doing with your notebook? If your a gamer then with the Dell you can get a faster video card.

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  2. I'm also looking at Dell... I had one before and had some problems with the motherboard a few times but they fixed it with no cost during the term of my warranty. I had a Dell Inspiron 5000e and I'm now looking at the 9100. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE OR HAVE USED A 9100?
  3. Dont believe the posts on, Dell makes notebooks differently not, and I havent had any problems since i got my 8600. Nothing in those reviews is true about my laptop.
  4. Dell also assemble many of their notebooks in Ireland [and Malaysia?], and yes, for inspiron owners, tech support has gone down hill severely...


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  5. Inspiron 9100 is the poor-mans inspiron XPS and just like it. It is noisy, burns you lap up, and has VERY poor battery life. Would make an excelent Lan party machine.

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  6. I think a Sager or Alienware's 45minutes is VERY poor - the inspiron's 1-or-so-hours is not as bad - maybe just "quite" poor.

    Other than that - um, yup, yup and yup.


    Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
  7. Dude, and I am complaining about 2 hours on my 3 year old P3 Thinkpad, gg.

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  8. Heh, my t42 gets about 6hrs :)

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