64 bit Win7 bsod when using over 2GB RAM

Hi guys i'm having a strange problem with my Windows 7 PC, it crashes to blue screen when using over 2GB RAM. If i'm using 4GB i'll get "0X00000050 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA", If 6GB is in use i'll get "0X0000007E or 0X1A MEMORY_MANAGEMENT" after starting windows screen.

Please Help thanks!

i7 920 3.5ghz OC'd
EVGA X58 3X SLI Classified
G.Skill 3X2GB DDR3 RAM
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  1. I guess my first question would be: have you tried this at stock clock speeds?
  2. I wonder... I had the same problme with Vista 64... surely they ironed out the bug ? Vista 64 (at launch) wouldnt install with 4gb of ram so you had to use 2gb, then find the patch from Microsoft and install it.... then add the other 4gb and hey presto it worked.

    Now I havent see or heard of this with Windows 7... but you never know
  3. No RAID, i only got 1 hdd, and yes its a fresh build
  4. Hey

    It could alot of problems all working to together and lets start

    1. What did you use beforce Windows 7 Windows XP 32/64 or Vista 32/64
    2. How you tested the Ram itself if not go here http://www.memtest86.com/download.html and download and burn to CD/DVD
    3. What Windows 7 isit Beta/RC/RTM
  5. 1: All new hardwares, new PC. I have WinXP 32bit on another PC.
    2: I memtested it with memtest86, 3 passes no errors.
    3: I'm using Win7 RTM
  6. Set bios to default, reset CMOS
    Install all 6Gb Ram
    Reinstall Windows
  7. Hey

    Ok so no errors do what tyhe other guy said

    1 Reset Bios
    2 Reinstall Windows

    Do you make this computer or is it preconfig from Dell, HP, and the other guys

    It could be Ram & Motherboard & OS aint getting along But i bet if you Install Vista/XP 64-bit you wouldnt have this problem
  8. Since there were no errors with your ram, reset the BIOS to remove your overclock. I'm betting this is what's causing your problem.

    If you really want to overclock, make sure your CPU and RAM voltages are set high enough to accommodate the higher clock speeds. Also remember that RAM voltages CANNOT exceed 1.65V on i7 systems.
  9. How much power do i have to increase? And voltage limit for i7 CPU?

  10. The maximum for the ram is 1.65 and the maximum for the CPU itself is 1.375. Keep the CPU lower than the max though, as the stock voltage I believe is around 1.2V. Set it at, say, 1.25 for now and see if the system stabilizes?
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