Radeon 9700 pro and Flight sims

Hello, I was impressed with this new graphics card, the numbers, and all the hype...
I have a geforce 4 ti4600 in a p4 2.4b
The fact is that I usually dont play the games are used to benchmark this graphics cards like fps, and the standard 3dmark benchmarks neither say anything to me.
Actually, I like flight sims like falcon4 flight simulator, etc...
In this kind of games, I have the experience ALL graphics cards are unable to reach my expectations when I turn on 2X FSAA and anisotropic filtering, including my geforce 4.
My question is: Do you think the 9700 will do something to this ?? I know this kind of games are very cpu dependant, but with my cpu I am sure its enough to play nowadays sims... The only thing I want to a graphics card is that can keep up with the cpu and dont drop framerates when I apply fsaa at only 2x and anisotropic filtering at 1024x768

My question: do you think the new radeon will boost my fps in this flight simulators and play fsaa well, or is only a cpu related issue and it wont make a difference beetween my geforce4 in terms of frames per second?
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  1. When FSAA is turned on, its the VGA card issue not the cpu. Radeon 9700 pro will be better for FSAA...check this page:
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