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Like many my search in win 7 is not producing file results. I cannot even type in regedit.exe (return) and get a response. I rebuilt my index and during rebuild I noticed the os c:\ has excluded files. I only have two locations that can be selected which is start menu and the os c:\ in the indexing options box. The files that are excluded are .jagex_cache_32_; adobeacro;Dell; Program Files (x86); Program Files; ProgramData; Data;Scenes;SmartDraw 2010; Default;AppData;AppData;Windows. I haven't made changes to system in anyway to exclude these items. Can anyone tell me how to remove the excluded items from the Indexing Options window. I think it might fix the search problem since it is not searching programs. Any help appreciated.
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  1. do:
    control panel(top right click to see in small icons) choose- indexing options.
    in that, click modify - put check marks next to all that are excluded.
  2. Thank you bobalazs. I did find where I could changed selected locations. When I chose the programs I most frequently use, the index started rebuilding and the last count was over 200,000 and still counting. I clicked items back off and rebuilt the index and still it does not work. This is so frustrating. I cannot even type "cmd" in the search. Microsoft says to remove a Hkey user file, but I am concerned this person that keeps telling this to people doesn't quite understand the full blown problem. Microsoft also has a hot fix, but it did not fix the problem. Unfortunately, I cannot remember when I started having this problem. I really don't want to re-install win 7.
  3. regedit and cmd is in the windows directory, so if that still dont pop up in the search box, then windows folder is still not included in the search.
  4. bobalazs what type of I250 canon do you have? What year is it? I'm having serious issues with my printer. I don't know how to even fix this thing.
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