Windows 7 Internal VPN setup

I had a standard windows VPN client working on XP and Vista. Using the same connection details on Windows 7 it just times out.

Very annoying.

Using Netgear home router DSG 2000 with latest firmware, tried disabling the firewall on that, no joy.

Any ideas?
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  1. Are you sure the client is compatible with Windows 7? Which one is it?
  2. Hi

    The client is the Standard Windows 7 inbuilt one, its only used so I can sync my exchange mail at the office.

    Not my Router as thats Windows 7 compatable and I have also tried it via the wireless router on my mobile, still no Joy it just times out with no error message.

    All the same parameters as on my XP and recent Vista laptops, they work fine. When we had this problem last eventually someone found a registry fix, perhaps it will be something similar here.

    Have a copy of the Shrewsoft one, but dont really want to use something when what I have should operate OK.

    Hope you can help, thanks for responding.

  3. Actually I see it is an error 809 which seems to indicate a router or firewall issue. All the windows firewalls are disabled (or so it says), disabled kaspersky and the one that on the Router, still no Joy?

    Will go and check them all again.
  4. You can Found Your Solution Here. With Screen Shots
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