I installed my new Windows and now I can't get the drivers for my OLD printer to work, I tried doing the compatibility mode and still nothing, any one have this problem ? Help is greatly appreciated I need the printer to work or I will need to go back to XP, Do not want to do that I like the 7 more:-). Thanks.
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  1. I think your gonna need to go to xp or buy a new printer.
  2. is it possible to use a different printer drivers for this could it work? Or is there anything that i can do? I don't want to get a new printer, The printer works great and has been for years.!
  3. You can beg Canon to update drivers for your printer.
    You can make your own driver.(need to be software savy)
    Printers are so inexpensive these days with higher resolutions.
  4. anyone here got skills to make the drivers? ill pay :) via paypal..
  5. How can i disable NT 4.0 on my OS so the printer works? I am starting to hate windows because of this, and Canon as well.
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