L'Oreal develops pills to stamp out grey hair.

The news is self explanatory, so here you go:


Comment: I am not sure if it works or if it is just snake oil. I mean: "the pill's real efficacy will not be proved until it has been on the market for at least a decade", sounds like something that gives false hope to people and rake in money. So what fruit do you think it is, apple?
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  1. Looking at this guys ... more when Iv'e tried it.

    If it works on me I'll let badge and JD know ... that is ... if they have any hair left.

  2. Fashion Update

    Important Australian fashion update.

    Too sexy for her lampshade.


    This concludes today's Australian fashion update so far.
  3. Maybe I don't have fashion sense, but somehow these things on the models don't fit them. Looks awkward in not a good way on them.
  4. Nature Update

    Penis size does matter for bank voles, says study.

    Having a sense of humor is also very important. :sol:

    This concludes the Forum Nature Update for today so far.
  5. I have all my hair
    I was born blonde, became brunette, now, Im just turning blonde again
  6. Ohhh those Ossies...
    Wonder if its being used here? Or any of the other trillion available colors?
  7. So proud to be Australian!
  8. Do you think any user here by any chance in Surfers Paradise when this happens or are we too sun shy to survive on the beach?
  9. Thaks JD ... I'll keep you posted.

    badge ... you want an update or are you completely bald now?
  10. Ok ... I see If we can get you some of the pills and a haircut.

    Anyone know a good hairdresser in Detroit who does home visits ??

    badge has agoraphobia too ... poor guy.
  11. badge .. .you have to take the hat off too ... they can't cut your hair while it is on.

    Just keep counting while thinking of blondie's .... <expletive> ... that should confound the aliens.
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