New Nvidia Detonator drivers. (40.41)


I have just installed the newest drivers from Nvidia (40.41), but they make my computer crash all the time. Further more, now I can only set the max refresh rate to 75Hz. Also, when I open applications on my second monitor, certain annoying crackles and flashes appear.Anyone experience trouble with these drivers?

I have a TwinView Geforce2 MX 400 card.
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  1. Uninstall them, what card do you have? My G4 ti really loves them, and I like the new, more detailed tweaking it allows.. plus I love the toolbar transparency thing.. LOL

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  2. I installed the new 40.41 driver because of it's claim to boost performace 25%. After installing it, I ran 3dMark2001SE and after the 15th test it just quit. Tried it again, same thing. So I then installed the other driver from Nvidia and it works fine. What the hell? I have a Geforce 2 MX 400.
  3. I heard there are isolated issues with that benchmark. I don't count on benchies for performance though. When loading GTA3 and turning on AA and increasing antitropsic filtering when I used to <i>not</i> be able to w/o a significant lag is the real world performance boost I notice, not what madonion says :o)

    "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one"
  4. I'd say and suggest to all who have problems, to wait until the WHQL. Nvidia did specify they are BETA.
    I agree with that lol, because Battlefield 1942 has problems with the fonts now, all in bold and sometimes undecipherable.
    Plus at first I had a distance view problem with distant textures, they'd appear with no bilinear or trilinear filtering. I went to D3D, enabled 1X aniso and Texture Sharpening, that did the job.
    It seems in the end there were no real optimizations... :frown:

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