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Hey. Today, i took off the heatsink on my gf4 ti4400 and i noticed it was using some white paste. I was thinking about putting on some arctic silver on it when i noticed there's a shiny metal on the core that says geforce 4. I didn't want to try my luck so i put the hs back on. So is it safe to apply the thermal material the the core and the ram?

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  1. i dont' recommand you putting arctic silver over your video card core, because the surface area is too big. from my persoanl experience, i find it very difficult to use arctic silver on GPU and get a good contact with the hsf. you can reapply thermal paste as long as u clean off the old stuff with acetone and reapply it as thin as possible, and make sure u dont' get it all over the pins. and yes, you can use arctic silver on ram, their surface area is not too big. but make sure u get arctic silver thermal adhensive, not just normal paste ,paste dosn't stick ramsink on to your ram chip.
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