What 3dMarks2001SE scores should I get?

This is my rig as off now:

Mobo KT133?(I'm not sure...where do I look?)
Amd Athlon XP 1500+(1.33mhz)
512mb PC2100 DDR
40gb Maxtor 5400
17" Samsung SyncMaster 753DF
GeForce 2 MX 400 64mb

3DMark2001SE scores: 2797 (default 175/334)
scores: 3065 (Oc'd 193/368)
scores: 3274 (Oc'd 210/402 - Unstable)

I am getting a Chaintech Ti4200 64mb...

What scores should I expect to get if all goes well?

Would I be able to get close to Ti4600 speeds if I overclock using the stock fan? Will stability be an issue if I use moderate OC'ed speeds(say 10-15%)?
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  1. I doubt you have the KT133-chipset if you´re running DDR-memory. I could just be wrong but I had KT133 and used standard SDRAM.

    Have a look at Madonions online result browser and compare there.

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  2. I get about 8300 with a Radeon 8500 (overclocked), a Tbird at 1.5 Ghz, and a KT133A mobo (SDRAM). I would think with an Athlon XP at 1.33 Ghz, a Ti4200, and DDR you should get about 10,000. More if you overclock the video card.

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  3. i get 2700 max with my sdram baed system
    p4 1.8
    geforce 2mx 400 64mb sdr(210,160)
  4. when U fire up UR PC & see the post it should say KT133 or KT266 or KT333 or something right near the CPU speed & memory count

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  5. I would do that except that I've got XP and it sorta "hides" that stuff when booting up. I couldn't even find it in my BIOS. How do I get it to show my specs on boot up?
  6. The XP should only hide the cpu clock speed, not the chipset.

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  7. Download Sisoftware's Sandra. The standard version is free, and will tell you which chipset you have.

    <A HREF="http://www.sisoftware.demon.co.uk/sandra/" target="_new">http://www.sisoftware.demon.co.uk/sandra/</A>

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