DVD image blocked after driver installtion

Hey, I took some time to delete my geforce drivers last night, used Detonator R.I.P and Detonator Cleaner just to be safe due to cruddy MSI drivers that were not deleted when I tried installing nVidia drivers.

Anyhoo, now my problem is with watching DVDs with PowerDVD. When I hit play, I can hear it playing, but the image is blocked with what seems to be a black box. But I can see the video playing in the window by looking at the sides because there are two thin stripes of what the video is playing. I took a screen shot of my desktop to show what it looks like.
<A HREF="http://members.shaw.ca/takn/dvd.jpg" target="_new">Screenshot</A>

the two thin blue stripes in the DVD window is the video in play, but the black box is in the way... If I move the Window around quickly, I can see the entire video playing as if it were a shadow on my mouse cursor trail....
I tried installing the GeForce drivers again, PowerDVD, WDM drivers, nForce utilities, just to see whether i mistakingly deleted some needed DLL file or something, but to no avail. Any ideas?

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  1. I have a similar problem with my GeForce3 Ti200. DVD playback suddenly stopped working. When I load a DVD, the player opens and the window turns widescreen like it is playing, but the video is all black like yours. I can't figure it out - I've tried reinstalling the player and I've tried new video drivers, but no luck. I can only guess it might be a hardware problem (my card is getting to be 2 1/2 years old and was overclocked for a while - dunno if the heat got to it).
  2. Hm, had you tried reverting to normal speeds on the video card? I too have overclocked my videocard. I have a MSI GeForce FX 5600 VTD, and it was set at a measely 325 Clock and 550mhz memory core by default, and once I installed the newest nVidia drivers, i ran the auto-test to OC it, and it was set at 366 Clock and 637 core, but I'm not sure how long it was like that before it began to give me the black screen (not more than a few hours though, i know that for a fact)....
    Oie.... computer troubles suck..

    Remember, when in doubt, even monkeys fall from trees sometimes.
  3. OH, another thing is, when I was trying to view the DVD, I was able to view it with a third-party media file watcher (Media Player Classic 6.4 for WinXP), but was limited to 2.1 audio as opposed to my regular 5.1 audio luxaries...

    Remember, when in doubt, even monkeys fall from trees sometimes.
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