Signed device drivers not found

dual boot: oem vista pro and windows7 pro. switched from 7 to vista and had to reactivate do to long time not used afterwards neither would find signed drivers
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  1. drivers for what? whats the question?
  2. bobalazs said:
    drivers for what? whats the question?

    signed drivers to reinstall windows 7 or vista. error message did not indicate if for hard drives. Re formated hard drive no help!
  3. is it on the same partition, hard drive? if yes, That could be a problem.
    You dont need drivers for installation of windows, what do you need it for?
  4. vista on c drive and windows7 on d
    Used both and ok; then used only windows7 for 2 months.
    Booted into vista and told to reactivate. I made the phone call and recorded the activation numbers. Then did no longer boot into either. I used the repair in both and It never finished and reported couldnot repair. And i continuously get the error message :
    signed device drivers not found. They do not show up in my search of the hard drives or the install vista and windows7 disks.
  5. since you reformatted, just reinstall.
    I dont know what the installer was complaining about.
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