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Trying to use lightscibe with epson 500 but won't work, any suggestion?
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  1. I wasn't aware that a printer like the Epson 500 can even burn Lightscribe images to disks; are you sure of that? If so, I'd recommend downloading the latest software for the Epson 500. Also, install the latest Lightscribe System Software.
  2. I thought that the whole idea of Lightscribe was, that you don't need a printer for the labels.
    I suspect that the printer is unable to detect the Lightscribe media as something it can print on, therefore failing to print. Why would you waste Lightscribe disks to use on the printer?
  3. Just to amplify slightly, it's the DVD writer that burns the label using LightScribe so the printer is totally irrelevant. (And you do need special disks.)

    What exactly is the problem? You are turning the disk over to burn the label aren't you? Are you getting error messages or what?
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