Do brand names make a difference?

I was thinking of upgrading my Leadtek 64MB GF2 MX400 to a 64MB GF4 Ti4200. The following are my system specs:

Duron 1300 CPU
Gigabyte GA-7DXE Motherboard
IBM 7200RPM Hard Drive
Creative SB Live!

I'm into games but would not consider myself a serious gamer. Is this upgrade worth it considering my system specs and does the brand of the card (looking at Leadtek, X-Micro or Creative) really make a difference?
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  1. Hmmm.... a Ti4200 will probably be slightly bottlenecked, but I think that a Ti4200 64MB would be a pretty good match for that system. The brand usually does not make much of a difference. Just choose one that isn't too expensive and doesn't just make crappy cards.

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  2. Brand names usually don't make a difference when you talk about Geforce video cards. As long as it the same model and memory amount(ie geforce 4 ti4200 with 64mb), then they are all about the same. Sometimes brand names are credited with more stability or they include extra overclocking software, but mostly the same thing. The one thing you want to do is get it from a reputable vendor, because even the best of brand names have their off days so if you get a bad card then you can replace with w/o hassle.
  3. What about Radeon cards? Especially the 9700Pro.
    I probably can´t get the "original" ATI, what would be a good manufacturer?

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  4. Actually, if you can get say a GigaByte Retail or a Sapphire Retail, they're all clocked the same, so there's nothing to worry about.

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  5. Thanks for the tips guys! I really appreciate it.
  6. If anyone is still reading this, just have another question for you. Does the 64MB GF4 MX460 compare to the 64MB GF4 Ti4200? I can get that card for a bit cheaper than the Titanium one.
  7. bout that mx460 compared to ti4200.......
    basicly ti 4200 is better graphic quality wise because it has pixel shaders and vertex shaders which make things look a little shinier while mx 460 do not have one of those and its like a geforce 2 with faster clocks
    personally, i would go for geforce 4 ti series
  8. AHHH!!! If you feel like keeping that card more than a couple months, the Ti4200 would be strongly recommended over the MX460.

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  9. i would say go with the geforce ti line over the mx460
    i've ran both on my system

    the mx460 got a few more fps than the ti4200 64mb in some games, but the ti looked so much better, thanks fo nfiniteFX II, which the MXs lack

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