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I really needs some help on this one, I've been running a
gainward gf3 ti200 for about a year now and have tryed every det. driver on the planet. my problem is ie 6.0 freezes after about 5 min. and I have to reboot. I'm now using det. driver 21.83 which is the most stable of them all, but still freezes in ie after some time. all other apps.(games & video editing) don't seem to have a problem.
If anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate it very much.
here's rig
msi 645 ultra mobo
1.5 p4
gainward gf3 ti200
acer cdrw 10x8x32
liteon dvd rom
soundblaster live 5.1
maxtor 40gig 7200 rpm (pri master)
maxtor 80gig 7200 rpm (second master)
enermax 350w psu
netgear 10\100 network card
us robotics 56k faxmodem
window xp home
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  1. Is the cooling fan working on the card.. also how is overall case temp? How much overclocking if any are you doing on the card? Seems like a heat or lack of power issue.
  2. When IE6 freezes, does it shut down and want you to send an error report to MS? Mine did this all the time. It was a software thing. Had to download macromedia shockwave (I think thats what it was) and it is supposed to be fixed now. We just have to wait and see. But, anyways, thought you might be having the same problem.

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  3. First of all I would like thank you for your replys. my case temp is about 55c, the fan on the card is working, have not tryed the shockwave thing but I'll try anything if it solves this problem.
    It just seems strange that my comp. freezes only ie6 and nothing else.
    also when my pc freezes it don't reboot on it's own I have to press the reset button.
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