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I am searching for a personal laptop and have been reading several reviews about the great AMD Athlon 4 mobile processor and would really like to have a laptop built with that processor. There only seems to be a couple of models out there that actually build their laptops with this high speed processor, and they are not exactly what I am looking for. Does anyone know some people or places that build laptops with the AMD Athlon 4 mobile processor( besides HP and Compaq, I can not seem to customize all the things I would like with them)? Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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  1. No, and I have been keeping my eye peeled for Athelon notebook reviews. My AMD K6-300 notebook is aging and I hope to eventully replace it with an Athelon model. I would wait for the market to mature and see how well the processor does. AMD has pretty well surrendered the laptop market to Intel over the past couple of years so a crop of good mobile Athelon notebooks will represent quite a comeback. The new cooler running Athelons should make good laptop processors, but the competition from Intel's new 13 micron Pentium IIIs will be manufacturers may not do too much with the Athelon is the way it looks to me. The relative quality of the mobile chipsets is a related factor that may actually decide the issue in the end. If the Intel chipset is significantly better than what Taiwan comes up with for the AMD then there wont be a lot of manufacturers betting on the Athelon in my opinion. But here's hopin'.
  2. Yeah, I looked for something with the Athlon 4 and had the same results. Since I have to have a laptop for school I'm not going to be able to wait. It just seems wrong to have an Athlon 4 tied to a Trident Cyberblade, or S3 video chipset.
  3. For higher end, lighter notebook (assuming this) HP is coming out with an Omnibook using Athlon, runor has it. I am also hoping for a Toshiba with Athlon.

    I do hesitate to recommend HP, what with the sub par performanc I get on this 5190, but the Omnibook IS the only higher end notebook I am aware of possibly coming out in the next month or so with Mobile Athlon.


    When all else fails, throw your computer out the window!!!
  4. Athlon 4 notebooks run hot. you can feel a very warm spot where the processor is. Well wait till amd goes 0.13micron to get notebook.

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  5. Athlon 4 1Ghz(if I rememeber correctly) runs something like 28ish watts, the PIII 1Ghz runs about 31 watts.
    Have you ever used a laptop? they ALL have warm spots...

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
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