What other Certs should I get

I just finished college with a diploma in Networking and I was wondering what other Certs should I consider doing on my own.
Certs I currently have are:

MCITP (70-620 & 70-622)
Blackberry Certified Support Specialist (BCP-221)

I was thinking about doing Linux+ and Server+ , would AD and exchange be helpful in the IT market?
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  1. Well you could throw in the odd curve-ball and get Sun Certified Solaris Administrator (SCSA), only do this if your comfortable using Unix style OS's. In my field I'm always seeing numerous Solaris related positions open and we can never get them all filled. NT administrators and security experts are a dime a dozen these days, the Unix admins are getting older and older, the industry is going to have a crisis in 10 years or so.
  2. thanks for the tip, ive never actually used any Unix based OS, but I guess I could play around with it for awhile and grab some books on it.
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