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Cooling my Laptop!!

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July 13, 2004 6:03:50 PM

Hey peeps

I have myself an Acer laptop, the Travelmate 422LC, 1.8ghz, yadda yadda yadda, runs hotter than a hot thing and I'm having a really hard time keeping it cool, every time I turn it on, within 15 minutes the fan will have hit double time at least once, within half an hour it'll have hit high speed, and within an hour it'll be on overdrive. The back of the thing gets too hot to touch, even when its propped up to allow better air flow.

NOW, to the question, I've flicked around the net looking for laptop coolers, there are a few out there, with reviews, but all them them agree that they've found the best, but they all agree on a different one!

So, dear readers and techies, I'd love to know what you think, do you use one? does it make a big difference? I really want to get this thing useable for long periods of time and a cooler is the only way, other than opening it up and boreing out more room for air flow, I'd rather not do that, I hear the warranty people dont take kindly to it.

Cheers in advance

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July 28, 2004 9:43:33 AM

Alright, from my erperiance, if your laptop is getting THAT hot... there is something wrong with it, and more than likely it will hit a thermal shutdown sooner or later. If I were you, I'd crack (relativly speaking) the case on it, and find out of there might be a fan not spinning, maybe a Proc cooler gas tube might have cracked, something.

If not, and acer just made it that way, I'd recommend any cooler with an ALUMINUM base. Now Aluminum isn't as good as a heat conductor as Copper is (Copper is 22% more effective at conducting and transfering heat over aluminum) But it's cheaper to produce into larger objects, plus much lighter.

Also, try to find one with replaceable fans on the bottom, with it's own power supply (Not Power USB), as to also reduce stress off the systems components.

Try to find one that is as large as the base of your system as well. THIS is important for stability. It also must raise the system high enough as to allow proper airflow (For 60mm fans, I'd recommend atleast a 1 1/2 rise off the desk)

Now if your useing this in your lap, that's another story.

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July 29, 2004 12:23:17 AM

I have never used this before. It has good reviews and may Help you out some.

Sory.. I dont know the link command. First time I have posted a link

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