How do I setup a server?

Hello everyone. I need to setup a "SIMPLE" server for a daycare, but I have no clue as to how to set it up. I know how to do the peer-to-peer setups because I have one at home I setup with three pcs. I'm looking to connect 3 to 4 old Pentium 120 MHz (32 RAM) pcs at my daughter's daycare. The problem is I would like the pcs to use the storage space of the server as a virtual CD drive because I would hate for the kids to go through the trouble of swapping CDs for the kid games and other software like enclopedia, etc I'm installing.

Of course the server will be a much more powerful machine than the client systems, but I'm not sure how to set it up. I have all of the Windows OS (Win95/98/Me/2000/XP Pro). I plan to leave the client systems with Win95 because the hard drives on these computers are only 1Gig. Also, the size of the hard drives is the reason I won't to setup the server with the virtual drives.

In any case, what do I do? I'm not looking to spend any more money if I don't have to because I'm doing this as a gift to the day care since I have these old PCs sitting around the house doing nothing.

Thanks for all those who can and try to help.
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  1. the server doesnt need to be too fast if all its doing is serving files, its not running any of them right? i dont know how big these games are but im assuming they are very small if they are running on 120's. you shouldnt have a problem just creating the images on the server and making shortcuts to them on the client boxes. if it puts too much of a strain on the server you may have to split the virtual drives up over a couple hard drives or if you can, stripe two or more.

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