How to transfer iPad 2 contents to Macbook

My iPad 2 has simply stopped syncing to itunes. I can still sync my iphone, but syncing ipad 2 has no effect at all. It creates a backup and then simply says that the sync is finished without doing any thing at all. I can still transfer files to different applications . For example, i can transfer some movies to CineXPlayer but cannot remove any app from the ipad 2 or even install any app on it through itunes.
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  1. Hello JoneLine,

    You can use iPhone Explorer (it's a free app) get it here, to browse the contents of your iPad 2 and copy whatever you want to keep manually over to your mac or PC.

    once you have saved what you want to keep, I would recommend wiping your iPad and doing a factory reset on it, as it sounds like it has gone bad.

    if you are of the jail breaking type, then this would be a more involved process, as you would need to use your original .ipsw (plenty of instructions via the web for this kinda thing.)

    Best of luck

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