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This is really annoying to me. I own a AthlonXP+ 1800 on a Epox 8K7A+ with a gig of RAM, a WD 40BB, Soundblaster LIVE! 5.1, running Windows XP. I just bought a MSI geforce4 ti4200 64mb retail, and I was really excited. I downloaded 3dmark2001se and ran some bench marks. To my disappointment, I only got 8500 points. This seems really low considering what I have read about the card. To me I don't have have a slow system at all. I even tried to overclocked the video, and I got 8700 points. Granted that's a big jump, but from what I have read, I should be getting higher scores than that. If anyone out there has any ideas what is wrong with my system, or a clue, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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  1. I run a ti4200 64mb on an Athlon XP 2100+ system with 512mb of ram. I usually get scores between 8600-9200.
    I think that's pretty decent if not good for the ti4200.
    Though I just heard someone's ti4200 pushing 12000 marks.

    You running some of the latest nvidia drivers? That might help your score a bit.
    Also try turning off AA in the 3Dmark test setup.

  2. Ya, I overclocked it heavily just to see what would happen (300/300) and I managed to get 9200, I think that the people who are getting higher than that are just getting lucky, and there system is just better. I seem to be hitting the nail on the head with 8500-9200. I have the latest Nvidia drivers, and AA is turned off when I run the benchmarks. If you or anybody else see anything that I am doing wrong, or something that I don't see let me know!!
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