Annoying 'infinite loop' problem with GF4 Ti4200


I have this rather annoying problem somehow related to my Gainward GF4 Ti4200 card, or, it could be the drivers.

Here is what happesn from time to time; I get this multicolored garble on my screen, just these stripes of rainbow colors all over the screen, I can still move the cursor which is represented by giant multicolored block. Soon, I get the standard error beep, mouse stops working, and after a while I receive blue screen o' death. BoD says something like this:

Problem was related to this file: nv4_disp

Technical information:
STOP: 0x000000EA (0x81A66020, 0x81D90E88, 0x81F42760, 0x00000001)


I think it could have something to do with Internet Explorer. It has never happened while I've left my 'puter on over the night and programs like FlashFXP or something running. Usually happens when I'm browsing the net. Could come very fast from fresh reboot, or it could take a lot of time to hit crash.

Anyone have any idea what is causing this? Is it a software or hardware problem? Drivers? I've tried lots of different drivers, re-installed DirectX and downloaded every fix/patch/upgrade for Windows XP that is avaible. Hardware malfunction? Virus? BIOS setting? ANYTHING that could be causing something like this! Sometimes it's not enough to just hit reset, there is still some rainbow colored garble on my screen, I sometimes have to shutdown and restart for everything to return normal. It's pretty feckin' annoying - and worst thing is, I don't have any idea what could be causing this. Any help is highly appreciated.

System Specs:
1,6Ghz P4 Northwood @ 2Ghz
512Mb Samsung DDR333
Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200
Western Digital 80Gb SE
Soundblaster Live! Value
3Com NIC

DirectX 8.1
Detonator 30.30
Windows XP
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  1. I have the same problem w/o the rainbows and blocks, I'm running a gf3 ti200 with det. 30.82 and ie freezes after a bit. go to your display properties click settings and advanced click the trobleshoot tab and turndown the hardware acceleration click apply. see if this helps in games you'll have to turn it back up.
  2. Don't know if this is related but your problem sounds similar.

    I used to have the following problem with Internet Explorer. One open IE Window would freeze. The mouse would still work and I could click on and manipulate any currently running applications but I could not start any new apps nor access the Start menu. Eventually the mouse would freeze followed by a crash or a BSOD.

    The problem only happened when IE was running. This was with IE 5.x. The fix was turning off smooth scrolling, under Tools, Internet options.

    I don't know if the problem exists with later versions of IE (I'm using 6.0) but I always leave smooth scrolling off.

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  3. Have you tried using the 29.42 drivers? I ran into problems with the 30.XX drivers so I removed them.
    Everything has run fine ever since.


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