Deadline is tomarrow, 9700 or ti4600?!?!?!?

I'm building my very own computer from stratch.. and my goal is to have it last at least 2yrs... my current problem is the video cards..

Do i go with nvidia? i've always used them cos they have always been on top in the gaming industry.. ati was usually a good low budget decision... up until today... my choice now differs... as much as i hope the nv30 would be out so my choice can be easy, do i go with the ati 9700 which is pricey.. but already kills the 4600 in most of the online benchmarks.. and already has support for DX9?
Do i buy the ti4600 which lost to the 9700 but still has very respectable results?,
or do i just sit on my hands with no comp till the nv30 comes out? which i personally believe will be back on top again?

and here is a useless piece of info, my old vid card ( meaning the last one i owned and used daily ) was the
ASUS GeForce 256, yes the one that had drivers to see through walls and wireframe capability and yes i still used them... so u can see why this huge jump is fustrating me.. need expert advice on a short time period.
Thanks ahead if u can help me with my problem ...

to flamers... well..... blah
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  1. Well, if you're getting now, then definitely get the R9700. If you can going to wait until 2003, then wait.

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  2. radeon 9700 performe 2X time TI4600 so it seen normal to buy a Radeon 9700 but you need very fast setting Pc1066 P4 2.53

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  3. Right now go for 9700. Or you can wait until january and see what happens because nvidia usually runs on a six month cycle.

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  4. or a Xp around 1800 or higher with DDR... my 9700 is V good, espech wit AA engaged ti will easily outperform the ti4600 as long as the limitation isnt CPU speed therefore the faster CPU the better

    (mine is a XP2000 with 256mbDDR PC2100 with a 9700pro & I get 13000-3d2k01 marks, that is serious speed, a p4 2.5 should get about 13000-15000 depending on the subsystem)

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  5. If you want the PC now and want to keep it 2 years: 9700Pro, no doubt.

    If you can stick with your old computer until the end of this year/beggining of next year: wait for the NV30. It will almost definetly beat the 9700 a bit.

    Just remember to get a good overall system to match the GC.

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  6. I would try to wait until the NV30 comes out and then buy the Radeon 9700. This seems contradictory but as soon as the NV30 is out the price on the 9700 will drop. And how many people can tell the difference between 100 fps and 150 fps while they are playing a game. There is not a single game that will kill the 9700 and it will be a card that should be able to handle games for the next 2 years.

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  7. At best NV30 will be 15 % faster that R300 and on part with R350

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  8. I like the idea of waiting for NV30 and then buying R300 (Radeon 9700PRO) after the price drop. The performance of the NV30 will not beat R300 as badly as Ti4600 beat Radeon 8500.
    The Radeon 8500 beats Ti4600 in most tests using Ansitropic Filtering. Besides, ATI isn't exactly know for releasing great drivers the first time around. I think the R300 still has more juice to give. Ti4600 is just about as tweaked as it gets.

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  9. imagine the price the nv30 will come, the new cards lately starting out at the 600+$ (Canadian) range and then slowly climb down.

    I would wait a little and then get the 9700, just till a 50$ price drop (more even better)

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