I bought a pny 128mb attache usb drive, in January. After about 5 months it failed to work. So I called PNY Tech support, I spoke to an agent that gave me infomation to get a RMA. So I sent my product and everything, about a week later they respond with an email telling me that they had recieved my RMA request and would be sending a replacement in a matter of ten business days and if there was a delay they would email me the issue of why it was delayed. I waited the 10 days but recieved no product and no email telling me the delay. It has been nearly a month and a half since then. I have called their tech support, customer service multiple times, but have only gotten their ansewering machine everytime. So what do i do. I really would like to get my product replaced and returned.
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  1. Leave them a polite message stating your lawyer will happily contact them regarding a breach of contract.
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