Have Cd Key but no disc please help

Hi guys,

I ordered a product called Windows anytime upgrade, move to win 7 pro from home premiem, problem is i'm on windows xp and no discs came with this purchase its strange did i purchase the wrong product or is there some way to download windows 7 so i can use this cd key?

Kind Regards
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  1. You bought the wrong product. You would have to have Win 7 Home Premium installed first, and then install Win 7 Pro. You can't go directly from XP to Win 7. For that, you need a regular Win 7 upgrade version. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Good luck!
  2. ooh no! ok thanks for this insight hope they take returns!
  3. Theres never returns on software or keys.
  4. You can always torrent down the required disc and use your serial, this should be legal depending what country you are in and should work.
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