W7 and Asus P6T driver issues?

I just bought Windows 7 and its installing now but I read an issue somebody had where their driver disc that came with their asus P6T wasn't compatible with W7 64bit(my version). I'm not familiar with updating mobo drivers at all so I could use some advice on how to get these installed cleanly without issues.

If I go to the Asus site they have a long list of drivers for W7 64bit. Do I install EVERY file or just the latest in each category? IE

Qualified Vendor List (2)

BIOS (13) [BIOS History]
Version 1303 <---just install this?
Version 1201

BIOS-Utilities (2)

Chipset (3)


LAN (2)

Utilities (21)

I just don't want to cause problems before I even start. Also is it possible W7 will just install the latest drivers on it's own? Would that include drivers for all of the above categories or just BIOS?
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  1. depends. if something works leave it. if not, use the latest, which is win7 compatible.
    though usually i use chipset and audio cause i need to set extras in audio driver program.
  2. You don't need to install every version available, just the latest ones will do since the updates are cumulative.

    For example, only BIOS 1303, not 1201.

    That being said, if you decide to update your BIOS, use a FAT32 formatted USB stick and do it directly from the flash utility in the BIOS. Too many motherboards get bricked by trying to flash the BIOS from within the OS.

    For drivers, I personally like to go straight to the chipset manufacturer to get the latest drivers. The motherboard manufacturer rarely has the latest drivers.

    For example, your audio chipset is made by realtek. Go to www.realtek.com, click on the "HD Audio Codec Driver" link, and continue on until you are give the option to download the driver for Win7 64-bit (v2.50 dated 09-Jul-2010 is the latest as of today). The latest Win7 audio driver on the Asus site is dated 27-Jul-2009.

    For the motherboard chipset, download the latest inf updater straight from Intel. Here's the link. Run the executable and it will do all the work by itself.

    For the rest of your hardware, such as LAN, just use the built in Windows 7 drivers that will automatically be installed as bobalazs suggested.
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